Vehicles (automobiles, trucks, busses)
Vessel supplies
Watercraft (jet skies, wave runners
Aircraft parts (airplane parts, helicopter parts)
Auto & truck parts
Computer equipment & computer parts, computer peripherals (hardware & software)
Construction materials
Electrical materials
Engineering & Construction
General cargo (general commodities)
Generator sets (generator parts)
Marine equipment (boat parts)
Medical & Healthcare
Medical equipment and supplies
Office equipment (photocopiers, copying machines, copiers, fax, facsimiles, sorters)
Office supplies
Perishable goods (seafood, fish, plants, flowers)
Radar equipment (radar parts)
Glass & Steel
Grocery items (food items, frozen foods, food stuffs)
Health & Beauty Aids (H.B.A., toiletries, cosmetics, shampoos, colognes, perfumes)
Heavy Equipment & machinery (machinery spare parts)
Industrial equipment
Laundry equipments & boilers (boiler parts)

                  RGP EXPORT ENTERPRISE
RGP Exports understand that each clients has different requirement  concerning the shipment of there items. We offer a selection of  reliable shipment  and air cargo choices, for any of the selective countries we services.
Products that RGP can Purchase & Export, for individuals but  are not limited too:
Exporting By Ocean
Some methods of payments:
Exporting By Air
Miami Export Purchasing